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The ‘Artificial Intelligence’ based platforms are changing the way IT firms manage their day-to- day affairs worldwide.

The Indian IT industry will witness a dynamic shift over the next 5-7 years. The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence platforms will create higher demand for up-skilled engineers in niche areas. This would lead to massive demand for IT Professionals who are trained in AI Space but right now there is not many AI trained professionals.

Ativitti (“Ativitti” is a Sanskrit word which means “Super Intelligence”) has opened India’s first full- edged artificial intelligence training centre in NCR Delhi to offer short to long duration courses that would offer AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Sciences and Data Analytics related courses in multiple formats.

We at Ativitti train people on the ways they can adopt AI for better research, testing or even building of products. Using AI tool, we plan to develop pervasive, Integrated, Cloud based, highly scalable AIEd (AI based Education) platform to offer Equitable Education to all and transform the way learning is delivered today.

Ativitti is going to establish a specialized AI Centre Of Excellence (COE) in partnership with Industry, Universities & Research Foundations within India as well as globally.

Promoters of Ativitti are highly experienced professionals with wide ranging experience in Artificial Intelligence, IT, Telecom, Government Policy making and automation.


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